Consumer behavior towards readymade garments

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Consumer behavior towards readymade garments

I was being used to only work night shifts because nobody wanted to work late. After a few months I begin receiving Less hours than their favorite cashiers who are hiring for part-time. Part of being a closing manager is ensuring that all the money accounted for is correct… When reporting that some of our missing money came from other assistant managers and cashiers, I was told that things will be handled and it was not.

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Later I was told to mind my own business and focus on myself. Ever since then, I kept receiving only 24 hours in comparison to Cashiers receiving 30 to 36 hours.

My general manager became so close with the cashiers that they would gossip and make jokes about myself and others whom they felt they did not like. I began feeling uncomfortable with my hours that I requested three times to be demoted… All three times I was persuaded not to step down and or told to work in the store.

Due to Transportation issues that was the only store that I could work in and maintain my current wages. Upon putting in my two weeks notice by very next week I only receive 15 hours to work with. And during my second week I became so uncomfortable working in the environment that I left prior to finishing my two weeks.

I have witnessed people stealing, arguing with customers, harassing other employees, favoritism, working under the influence, and being denied being demoted for my own comfort and still wanting to support Family Dollar. So after I left, I went to unemployment office until I was able to start my new job at Walmart.

Upon calling Doris, someone higher than my general manager and district manager, the only responses I received were those of someone trying to cover their own tracks and play Bliss to be in the know of how bad our store was being ran.

Kay Hall April 9, at 3: LindaB April 4, at 5: I as a customer and mother and grandmother am appauld at the actions of the top manager there, shes abuses the workers on the job and not only thatwhen they are off and there as customers, every time and in front of other customers, then today in front of other customers and my grandson, only 10!

It is nothing but harassment and very unprofessional!!!! Corporate really needs to manage their management!!!! This is ridiculous and unesscessary! Rebecca Smith March 10, at 9: She has no respect for elderly peoplenor customers who shop daily at your store, I have shop there for the last 7 years, she is rude, loud, and disrespectful, to a lot of your people, she seems to have a attitude, every time I shop there.

It is a microwaveable mug with a lid. I understand that the E.

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Management here in Hale is great. Sandy is the manager and I really like her. There ought to be a focus on customer service first — need a paging system to call for help. Faith Brown March 1, at 3: If the customer service process is this horrible at the corporate level its no surprise that its so terrible in the actual stores.

Ruth Millsap February 28, at 6: Today, February 28,early afternoon, a Cola-Cola truck was parked at the entrance of the parking lot. I thought the store was closed since there was a few cars in the lot.

When I asked the driver to move his truck, moved the delivery ramp, but only to let me into the lot, the he lowered it again at the entrance of the lot.

Consumer behavior towards readymade garments

I informed the manager of this concern, she walked the other way, having a nonchalant attitude, nor did she ask the drivers to move the Cola-Cola truck.

Also, leaving the lot it is difficult to see on coming traffic, or to even merge into traffic, I have described to you an accident waiting to happen. Amos Brown February 24, at 5: The time was 5: Another customer had walked in as the male employee was scanning my three items.

As I was attempting to hand him the money to purchase my items he walked away from the register to help this other customer who entered the store after he scanned my items. This other customer was already been helped by another employee when he walked away from helping me while I was holding the money out for him to take.

The employees need to understand that they should complete one transaction before helping another customer.Consumer Attitude Towards Onlie Purchase-A Study With Reference To Branded Readymade Garments S.

Muthukumar* and Dr.


T.R. Gurumoorthy** played a vital role in buying behavior of the consumers in buying of readymade garments. In this study, Simple Random Sampling method has. Online Shopping Complaints Karen Hovis. Posted On: Dear Sir, I Have Pay Rs, for Dealership for Ahmedabad City I Have pay 3 time first installment Rs, on 20oct,second 15, on 02 nov and keep going 10, pay on 14 Nov.

yet at the same time Company not give me any detail to additionally process.

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Consumer Behavior Towards Fasion Research Paper Readymade garments Summary Rising incomes and growing preference for readymade garments vis-à-vis tailored Annual Review July garments will contribute to per cent CAGR for the domestic market.

Within the domestic market, the rural market is expected to outperform the urban RMG .

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