Cell notes class ix

Nucleus is not well defined and known as nucleoid Well defined nucleus is present 4 membrane bound organelles, such as Mitochondria, Golgi complex etc.

Cell notes class ix

Cell is called the fundamental unit of life. A cell is capable of independent existence and can carry out all the functions which are necessary for a living being.

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A cell carries out nutrition, respiration, excretion, transportation and reproduction; the way an individual organism does. Due to this, a cell is called the fundamental and structural unit of life. All living beings are composed of the basic unit of life, i. The cell is the basic unit of structure, function, and organization in all organisms.

All cells come from preexisting, living cells. Shape and Size of Cells: While most of the cells are spherical in shape, cells of various other shapes are also found.

Most of the cells are microscopic in size, i. Some cells are fairly large, e. The egg of an ostrich is the largest known cell of a living animal and an average egg is 15 cm long and 13 cm wide. A cell is enclosed in a membranous casing and is filled with a liquid substance which is called the cytoplasm.

There are many cell organelles in a typical cell. Some of the main structures of a cell are as follows: Cell wall is made of cellulose. It is somewhat hard but permeable to most of the substances. Cell wall is available in plant cells and in cells of bacteria and fungi.

Plasma membrane is a semi-permeable membrane. It is composed of bilayer of lipid and protein. Functions of Plasma Membrane: Plasma membrane provides a container to the cytoplasm.

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Nucleus is covered by double membrane; called nuclear membrane. The fluid which is inside the nucleus is called nucleoplasm. Nucleus contains chromosomes which are important for the functioning of a cell. Nucleus plays an important role during cell division.

Nucleus controls all the functions of the cell. In some organisms, the true nucleus is absent. Bacteria are examples of prokaryotes. When genetic materials are bound by a membrane, it is termed as true nucleus. In this case, the cell is called eukaryotic. Organisms other than bacteria are eukaryotes.

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Cell notes class ix

Science Notes for Class 9 CBSE Chapter 5 THE FUNDAMENTAL UNIT OF LIFE Pdf Download 1. All the living organisms are made up of fundamental unit of life called” cell”.

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