Butterfly circus

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Butterfly circus

SHORT FILM THEATRE: THE BUTTERFLY CIRCUS Plot[ edit ] In the s, America is suffering from the Great Depression. Many people are jobless and homelessand everybody is sad and worried about the difficult economic situation.

Many people are jobless and homelessand everybody is sad and worried about the difficult economic situation. Mendez is Butterfly circus charismatic master of a small circus, the Butterfly Circus, and he leads his troupe through Southern California. Along the way, they perform — sometimes for free — to bring some light into the dull lives of people.

One evening, they see a sign for a traveling carnival and a sideshow and stop to see a funfair with carousels, Butterfly circus, and other entertainment, including a freak show.

Mendez meets Will, the main attraction, who has tetra-amelia syndromewhich means he has no limbs, and is on show as a freak of nature, alongside other odd characters such as a painted tattoo ed man and a bearded woman.

Will is bitter and unhappy, but after meeting Mendez, he decides to leave the carnival and manages to hide on one of the Butterfly Circus trucks to escape. The people in the circus welcome Will, but Mr. Mendez tells him he must do something else than just be a freak to become part of the act.

Will gets to know his new friends and learns that many of them have a sad past, but that Mr. Mendez has given them a second chance in life. One day Will accidentally realizes that he can swim, so he decides to perform a difficult act in the circus.


He is raised to the top of a tall pole and dives into a small tank full of water. Will is now happy since he is in the show not because of his odd appearance but because of who he is and what he can do.

Production The production was completed in 12 days by a cast and crew of over people, on locations in the Southern California regions of the San Gabriel Mountains, Riverside, Palmdale and Santa Clarita. Director Joshua Weigel has stated that he will be working on writing a feature-length version of the script.

Brian Baugh Production Designer: Timothy Williams Composer Reception By Julythe film had already accumulated over 7 million collective online views primarily through posts on YouTube.Vimeo link. Questions: How do you think Will felt when he was part of the sideshow in the first circus?

In the film, Will stowed away in Mr. Mendez’s Butterfly Circus.

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Name _____ Hour _____ Date _____ The Butterfly Circus – Discussion Questions Directions: Choose one of the following discussion items and write your answer . The Butterfly Circus, a short film featuring Nick Vujicic in the lead role, is one of the best short films of the last few years.

The direction is skillfully. The Butterfly Circus is the story of a renowned circus troupe traveling through the devastated American landscape at the height of the Great Depression, lifting the spirits of audiences along the way.

Keynote recommends The Butterfly Circus as one film that opens dialogue about spiritual truth through the themes of struggle and triumph.

Butterfly circus

Sep 07,  · You can see it here At the height of the Great Depression, the showman of a renowned circus leads his troupe through the devastated American landscape, lifting the Author: A Catholic Mom in Hawaii.

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