A fictional story about the wwf world hevyweight championship

He was sent to its developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling.

A fictional story about the wwf world hevyweight championship

I bring up Wrestle Kingdom because I became a fan of two men in particular that night. Both men lost that night, but I also promised myself on that January 5th or 6th that I would continue to follow these men through their careers, no matter where they went.

Now, Tetsuya Naito and Tomohiro Ishii fought in the main event, delivering a great match that was preceded by a series of really good matches. But first, there was…an undercard. This is the second opening squash where these two have beaten Juice and another wrestler. There was a really interesting intensity in the opening minutes of the match between Sakuraba and Tiger Mask, which may lead up to a larger match further down the road.

The main focus of this match was the Juniors in the match who are going to be in the BOSJ in a few weeks. Finlay and Ospreay were the final exchange that made Will look really good. Ospreay won with a Springboard Ace Crusher, which is his new finish apparently. We have a team of two men who would be better off as singles wrestlers in the division, going up against the strongest looking Jr.

Team in the company right now.

A fictional story about the wwf world hevyweight championship

Sydal and Ricochet ended the match with the stereo shooting stars, solidifying themselves as 2-time champions. Just depreciates the value of the belts to me. But later, he made a firey comeback that included Game-esque knees, a facebuster, and a spinebuster.

During this match, one of the Young Bucks called Tatsu a "mark" and I think something hemorrhaged in the higher function part of my brain. Definite spot of this match was Kenny accidentally hitting Tiger Hattori with his ColdSpray, and managing to have the most distraught and apologetic look on his face.

Omega would go to low blow him later, but the fact remains that Kenny is a great personality and deserves to carry the Intercontinental title as long as he wants. The Canadian eventually hit Yoshitatsu with the One Winged Angel for the pin, and the second title change on this show.

There were two aspects to this match; Roa and Makabe being big stiff bastards, and Honma with Tama doing a quicker paced outing. Eventually, Makabe was layed out, and Honma was done in by Guerilla Warfare. I want to lament for a second, on the status of the Bullet Club.

With Styles, Anderson, and Gallows gone it seems the group is steadily drifting apart, with the Guerillas of Destiny, the Elite, and the pair of Fale and Takahashi all off doing their own things.

This was akin to the previous match with Tenzan, where they were able to add story to the traditionally action oriented NEVER matches. I expected this to be just a good match that would get the incumbent champion over, but I was filled with legitimate excitement and emotion when Nagata hit Shibata with the Backdrop Hold.

How long Nagata will hold the belt is to be seen. This match was built off respect, like the previous match.

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But unlike the match, it was built off the mutual respect between champion and challenger, as opposed to a lack of respect. Much a majority of the undercard, this was a very basic, by-the-book match. EVIL defeated Hirooki Goto in a match that started off hard and fast, with the two meeting in the aisle for a brawl.DAN: The early nineties were a confusing time for me in the music world.I was steadfastly a rock music fan.

A fictional story about the wwf world hevyweight championship

Loved Led Zeppelin from an early age due to influences from my father, and was drawn to all kinds of loud rock music since. The history of World a character analysis of the novel candide Championship Wrestling (WCW) is the history of the American professional wrestling promotion that existed from to a fictional story about the wwf world hevyweight championship The Wrestling Family trope as used a fictional story about the wwf world hevyweight .

WWF President Jack Tunney ruled that the title could only change hands via a match, and then vacated the championship. 6 Savage defeated . The WWE Championship is a world heavyweight championship created and promoted by the American professional wrestling promotion WWE on the SmackDown mtb15.com is one of two world titles for WWE's main roster, alongside the WWE Universal Championship that was created for the Raw brand as a result of the WWE mtb15.com current Promotion: WWE.

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The WWF International Heavyweight Championship is a former world heavy weight championship recognized by Capitol Wrestling Corporation, the World Wrestling Federation, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and the Japanese mtb15.comion: World Wrestling Federation. WWF World Heavyweight Championship () The era is mostly known for the reigns of Hulk Hogan.

The belt design changed seven times, and included the famous “Winged Eagle” belt design shown in the display picture.

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